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Global MMO Game Festival Finished

Global MMO Game Festival Finished its Grand Final Match in Korea

Seoul, Korea - December 4, 2007 - Game and Game World Championship 2007 was successfully finished its grand final in Seoul attracting more than 5,000 attendances.

Starting from European match in August, this global MMO game festival went on America, South East Asia, Korea, Japan regional match with six official games: Silkroad online (, Shot online (, Navy Field (, Record of Lunia War (, and Bomb N Dash (

More than 100 players from winners from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and South East Asia showed excellent gaming skill to own throne of "the best gamer in the world". For Bomb N Dash, Volkan Kilic and Duy May, both from German, were placed 1st and 2nd winners. The final match, which was 5 out of 9, was on Duy first with outrunning Volkan with 3-to-4, but Volkan won last two games taking advantage of map geometry and won $5,000 for 1st place award.

German, America, and Korea players showed thrilling match on Record of Lunia War, and Jin Sun-Woo from Korea won 1st place. Larry from the US is the youngest final match player of GNGWC2007. This 14-years-old boy came Korea with his father, and did his best, but be in the award list. In War Rock match, the US team won the 1st place, and Poland team did 2nd . Philippine team showed impressive look, with same hood T-shirts with their national flag tagged on their arms like WCG national team, but they didn't beat the Poland team. Japan team went to the cybercafé the night before the grand final match, and practiced their strategy to win over the US team, and they did well, but not enough to win the US team.

15 players selected from regional final match competed for Shot Online final match, and Korean players won 1st to 3rd places. The final match of Silkroad online was held competing with players from three areas - Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Lee Sang-Kook from Korea won over Taiwan and Japan players. "I took the aggressive position as I usually do", he said, "I did my best and I made myself believe that I would win", he added.

Clans from Korean, Japan, and the US joined the grand final, and the final match was between 'ND' clan from Korea and 'OS2' clan Japan, and both team won the 1st place because of technical problem that couldn't progress the final match.

This 2nd annual match of GNGWC was initiated to promote Korean online games to the global gamers, and developers who their games were selected as GNGWC official games are satisfied with its feedback from global MMO gamers. Choi Kyung-Yun, PR manager of allm, said "GNGWC did incredible role to promote global service of Record of Lunia War". She added "With high awareness of Lunia to the global gamers, we now prepare commercial service of our game".

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/12/2007


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