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BigWorld Technology Announces Agreement with Sierra Online

BigWorld Technology Announces Agreement with Sierra Online to Provide Technology to Develop Upcoming Online Game

Los Angeles – BigWorld Technology today announced an agreement with Sierra Online to use the BigWorld Technology Suite in the development of an upcoming PC online game targeting a mass market audience.  The BigWorld Technology Suite provides the tools and technology to develop cutting-edge, next-generation online games.

“We look forward to working with Sierra Online to develop a title that holds wide appeal for gamers,” said Gavin Longhurst, vice president of business development for BigWorld. “The demand for online games is increasing and the Big World Suite assists developers in rapid prototyping, providing a powerful development environment that allows the production team to focus on building online worlds that continue to exceed the expectations of gamers."

 “Sierra Online continually evaluates its development technology and is always looking for solutions that will help us develop world-class, innovative titles,” said Judith Hoffman, studio manager for Sierra Online.  “BigWorld’s powerful online middleware Technology Suite will provide the flexibility to develop an upcoming online game that will take the gameplay experience to the next-level of functionality and sophistication.”

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/12/2007


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