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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — May 13, 2008 — NCsoft Corp. and Vivox today announced a partnership to bring high-quality, full featured voice to the NCsoft player community.

Through this partnership, the NCsoft player community will enjoy market-leading voice chat from Vivox. Players will have the ability to communicate with scalable, full featured voice within and across NCsoft games via an NCsoft branded game communication portal. Vivox will also deliver advanced features such as voice fonts, voice mail and in-and-out of game communication via regular phones and text messages.

“Voice is a significant feature for the ongoing development of the NCsoft community,” said Peter Jarvis, vice president of operations at NCsoft North America. “By partnering with Vivox, we will be able to offer our players a commanding set of communication tools that will simplify communications amongst the player base with far reaching options. Vivox is the clear leader in quality, features and operational excellence and we anticipate a successful integration and long-term relationship.”

“NCsoft is an industry leader in the advancement of gameplay and engagement of the player community,” said Rob Seaver, CEO of Vivox. “They recognize the power of a communication solution that is open to all players and lets them communicate effectively and reliably. Vivox is gratified in this collaboration and we look forward to contributing to the advancement of the NCsoft community.” 

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 15/05/2008


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