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Gamers Meet Square Enix For Free In Concerto Gate

Gamers Meet Square Enix For Free In Concerto Gate begins closed beta for Square Enix's Concerto Gate

San Jose, CA (July 1, 2008) - Concerto Gate(tm), an item-based MMORPG
produced by Square Enix Co., Ltd., is finally ready to launch in North
America.  Square Enix fans and MMORPG players alike have long waited
to play this exciting title in America and will soon have a chance to
participate in Concerto Gate's closed beta test to be held from July 1
to 14.  Users can go to to download the client software.

Concerto Gate, published at (run by OnNet USA), is the
sequel to Cross Gate, an MMORPG launched in Japan back in 2001. In the
game, players are summoned to the Kingdom of Fahren, a fantasy world
of magic and sorcery, in hopes of becoming the legendary hero that has
been foretold to save the world.

Concerto Gate boasts new and interesting features that every MMORPG
player can look forward to, including the
innovative "terra generating" system which allows players to change the
environment's topography. For example, players can shape mountains and
destroy or grow forests over a several week period of time.

 "I am thrilled and excited to introduce Concerto Gate to American
players. Square Enix is, without doubt, one of the most famous
developers in the world, and I believe the features of this game
surely live up to their reputation. Concerto Gate is a terrific
addition to, the leader in item-based games" says
Kevin Kim, CEO of OnNet USA.
"It is our pleasure to introduce Concerto Gate to American audiences
through  We hope now that even more players can
experience our game's revolutionary world and its exciting, new
features such as 'Terra Generating'," says Mr. Noriaki Watanabe,
producer of Concerto Gate at Square Enix Co., Ltd.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/07/2008


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