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What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


eGenesis is developing a Tales of Alvin Maker based MMORPG

A Tale in the Desert creators and Orson Scott, sci-fi writter, have an agrreement for developing a new sci-fi MMORPG, Tales of Alvin Maker. According to Andy Tepper,  A Tale in the Desert developer, Scott sci-fi world is perfect for creating a non fighting MMORPG.

There will be 4 magical ways and technology. Orson Scott characters like Calvin, Arthur Stuart, Peggy Larner and even  Alvin Maker, will give a lot of content and great gaming opportunities, so they could change history.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/01/2005


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