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Avatar Reality Announces Blue Mars SDK

Avatar Reality Announces Blue Mars SDK

MMVW Platform Offers Developers, Digital Entrepreneurs and Corporations New Ways to Profit and Collaborate; Cost-effective Solution Debuting at GDC 2009

SAN FRANCISCO (from GDC) - March 26, 2009 - Providing a brand new venue for game developers, digital entrepreneurs, artists and educators, Avatar Reality Inc., today announced its software development kit (SDK) for the upcoming massively multiplayer virtual world (MMVW), Blue Mars. Premiering at the 2009 Game Developers Conference (GDC), the Blue Mars SDK is offered to approved third party developers at no cost and provides access to sample code, assets and test levels, as well as Avatar Reality's Sandbox editor, support wiki and knowledge database.

"Blue Mars brings the costs of 3D online casual game development down to the level of 2D Flash development through our easy to use Causal Games API, LUA script support, and straightforward content creation pipeline that allows developers to bring their assets into the world directly from DCC tools like 3DSMax and Maya," said Kazuyuki Hashimoto, president of Avatar Reality. "We've worked hard to create a platform where independent developers can thrive regardless of their budget. We're excited to work with developers of all sizes to create amazing content and games for audiences around the world."

Blue Mars Third Party Developers will experience an enhanced version of the renowned CryENGINE2 that includes custom hair, skin and cloth shaders in addition to multi-threaded performance optimizations and MMO server integration. In addition, they gain support for in-world micro transactions, subscriptions and game trials for fully customizable business models. Further benefits of the Blue Mars SDK include:

• Massive Simultaneous User Support: Unlike legacy 3D virtual worlds, Blue Mars allows content developers to create truly scalable attractions for thousands of simultaneous users per region, eliminating concern of customer restriction limits.

• Customizable Development Platform: Blue Mars allows developers to add their own animations, interfaces, game play, avatars and content permissions to their exclusive regions.

• LUA Support and Casual Games API: Complex interactivity is easy to create in Blue Mars using LUA scripting and our Casual Games API.

• Robust Security and Content Management: IP holders gain control to protect users and brands from inappropriate content, theft and illegal transactions.

• Full Asset Pipeline Support for Industry Standard Digital Content Creation: Blue Mars is fully compatible with industry standard creation tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, along with Flash-based HUD and UI elements, saving developers the time and cost necessary to learn new programs.

• StreamBase Complex Event Processing: Real-time analysis of player activity and behavior allows businesses and developers to track user participation and immediately respond to in-world conditions.

• Integrated Secure Transaction System: Blue Mars' secure transaction backend supports micro-transactions, pay to play, trial to buy, and subscription services so developers can choose the business model that suits them the best.
Avatar Reality will showcase the Blue Mars SDK at GDC Booth 318CP, March 25 - 27 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

Pricing and Availability
Avatar Reality's Blue Mars SDK is now available to a limited number of interested developers. To gain consideration as a registered Blue Mars Third Party Developer, and access to the Blue Mars SDK, interested parties should contact
In addition, Avatar Reality is offering a free content preview tool for content creators who would like to see how their work will look within Blue Mars. To download the free content preview tool, please visit
There is no cost for approved developers to obtain the Blue Mars SDK or preview tools. Detailed pricing is available to registered developers under NDA.

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