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Frogster casts the net

Frogster casts the net

Fishing bundle for Bounty Bay Online available at special offer price

Berlin, Apr. 29th 2009: So that Bounty Bay Online seafarers no longer have to fish in muddy waters, publisher Frogster offers a special item bundle right now in the online shop. With the fishing bundle reduced by around 30% players will receive at the special price of 299 shop points some useful items for fishing in Frogster’s nautical online world. The enclosed fisheries pass gives players access for a period of 24 hours to an instanced ocean territory on the free-to-play servers, where inexhaustible fishing grounds await. While a deep sea fishing rod lets players fish not only in coastal waters, but also on the high sea, the bait which is also included, attracts shoals of fish, making for a plentiful catch. The fishing bundle is available at the special price in the shop up until Wednesday, May 6th. It’s ready and waiting via the following link:

In January 2009 Frogster deployed the colony expansion as the second large add-on for the community. Along with new boss opponents and continuing quest series in the high-level area, strong guilds can now occupy their own colonies in the Bounty Bay Online game world. The 33 colony areas were taken up within just a few days. In the meantime the colony founders are vigorously building up powerful trading and military bases. There is a trailer for the colony add-on available on the official website:,id8,bounty_bay_online_colony_trailer.html.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 29/04/2009


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