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Land of Magic: Item Shop Launch

Land of Magic: Item Shop Launch

Opening Serial Key Event to be held

Seoul, Korea – May 7, 2009 – Land of Magic officially opens on May 14, 2009 with the addition of the Kingdom system and the start of the Opening Event. With the Kingdom system, players can establish their own kingdoms and as King, they can declare war on other Kingdoms. Wars take place in an underworld battleground and begin five minutes after a declaration of war. Players will then be teleported the entrance to the underworld. Wars last for one hour and should be planned carefully, since there is so much at stake.

Participate in the Opening Event by simply visiting a participating webzine and get a cash item. Get a serial key from the webzine, log on to Land of Magic, give the serial key to the Event NPC and receive a valuable cash item.

Land of Magic is an ever evolving online role playing game and was once the top ranking online game in Korea for three consecutive years. Land of Magic was also one of the first games to introduce the rebirth system which allows players to reborn over and over again into the same or different professions with different results.

Famous for its fast play, number of levels, numerous combinations of skills and distinct differentiation among classes, player characters are all unique in the Land of Magic.

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