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Ys Online - 2nd Closed Beta oficially launched!

Ys Online - 2nd Closed Beta oficially launched!

    * Servers opening on Tuesday 26th of May at 10:00 CEST
    * Over 50.000 subscribers applied on the Official Site
    * New keys will be distributed among videogames websites

Today Ys fans have reasons to celebrate because at 10:00 CEST the Ys Online servers will re-open. Both old and new players are welcome to sign up for this closed beta and find out how the Ys world has transitioned into a fully featured MMORPG.

Ys Online: The Call of Solum had a successful launch in Asia. Its astonishing gameplay, beautiful manga style graphics and low spec requirements have seduced hundreds of thousands of players from China, Korea and Japan. And now, for the first time in Europe, Ys Online will be completely translated into four languages –English, French, German and Spanish–.

More than 50.000 Key To Play accounts have applied for a key on the official site since the announcement two weeks ago. Also, around 20.000 keys will be distributed all over the video games online media, waiting for their lucky owners. Stay updated at!

Ys - Call Of Solum

Call of Solum is an MMORPG based on the famous Ys series, created for the Japanese company Falcom. Since its first title for 8 bits, already turned into a classic, several manga series, OAVs and even novels have been stemmed. This time, Falcom and CJ Internet are joining to present Ys - Call of Solum, the new title of the series turned into an online videogame that follows the anime style, so characteristic in the entire saga.

Ys - Call of Solum arrives in Europe thanks to of Key To Play.
With Man of Wings’ ascent to the sky, chaos reigned in the continent of Eresia. The central region known as Europe was divided into two enemy realms: Romun, dominating the centre and south of the region and Etruria, in the north.
After one hundred years of constant battles all over the continent, several kingdoms fell, one after the other, against the fearful monsters emerging from the chaos. This way, 12 soldiers of different races, Eresians, Kimoans and Afrocans, joined Grey the hero, to defeat the monsters and establish a new empire under the name of Romun all over the continent.

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