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IGG Affirms Rights to ToP Online Publishing Rights

IGG Affirms Rights to ToP Online Publishing Rights

Regarding recent controversy on IGG’s forum over online publishing rights for Tales of Pirates, the ToP team ( from IGG has released an announcement concerning the issue.

Recently, reports have been coming in from ToP players about websites claiming to have obtained the online publishing rights to Tales of Pirates from the game developer Moliyo. Here and now, both IGG and Moliyo would like to state jointly that these claims are completely false.

The copyrights to the online game Tales of Pirates belong to its developer, Moliyo. IGG signed an agreement with Moliyo to secure the exclusive online publishing rights for North America. The only other company to secure online publishing rights for ToP was Sing-Gium, who secured the rights to Southeast Asia for their game - Pirates King Online. Moliyo has never licensed any other English versions of the game to anyone. If any players come across a company or an individual claiming they have secured the rights to the game or permission from Moliyo, they are infringing on Moliyo’s copyrights and committing fraud and they will be punished.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 15/06/2009


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