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Aeria Games Announces Closed Beta for FPS Game Wolf Team

Aeria Games Announces Closed Beta for FPS Game Wolf Team

Santa Clara, Calif. (June 24, 2009) – Aeria Games has announced the launch Closed Beta launch for the Free to Play game Wolf Team.

Wolf Team is a fast paced First Person Shooter (FPS) that features the ability for players to transform between playing as a human or as a werewolf.  With seven different game modes, players can fully explore the advantages of both forms, from the firepower of humans to the speed and brutality of wolves.

Wolf Team offers many exciting features including:
Fast-paced FPS action for up to 16 players at a time!
Large assortment of modern weaponry
Transform into a werewolf for up-close combat and ability to run along walls
Special competitions and benefits for clan members
7 exciting game modes including Death Match, Destruction, and Conquest
15 different maps in a variety of different shapes and sizes

Players are encouraged to find out more and sign up for the beta at the Wolf Team website:

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/07/2009


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