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Combat Arms Europe unveils "Specialists" and new summer events

Combat Arms Europe unveils "Specialists" and new summer events

July 1, 2009 - Combat Arms Europe, one of Europe’s top popular online first-person-shooter games, hires today a new class of selected mercenaries, the Specialists. Equipped with the ultimate combination of strength, stealth, brilliance and skill, and this time’s release introduces Scorpion, named for his ability to survive in any situation, and Viper, named for her quick and fatal attacks. This exquisite group of mercs accompanies the following three additional special items:

A defensive, anti-personnel land mine utilizing a wireless detonator, the Claymore projects tiny steel fragments in a fan-shaped pattern, devastating enemies with its terrific explosive power.

A military syringe developed by NEMEXIS that is injected directly into the bloodstream. The Medkit restores a set amount of HP. Because of its portability, it can come in handy in the middle of combat situations when it is impossible to call on a medic. The Medkit can only be used for recovering one's own HP.

A 40mm semi-automatic, six-barreled weapon with a revolving magazine, this rapid-fire grenade launcher gives increased firepower to foot soldiers.

In addition the exquisite faction of Specialists, Combat Arms Europe brings an abundant series of in-game events.
From July 1st through July 30th, players who log into the game on 20 days or more and play for at least 30 minutes at each visit will be rewarded with random and rare 7-Day NX Cash item.

Also starting on July 1st, a 30-Day special event will encourage entry-leveled players with a free 7-Day trial of MK16 SCAR-L once they reach the Corporal rank, and a free 7-Day trial of G36E for reaching the Sergeant rank.

For further information or to sign up for the game, please visit the official website at

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 02/07/2009


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