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Big summer announced at MapleStory Europe: New maps

Big summer announced at MapleStory Europe: New maps, new monster and striking special events released

July 1, 2009 - MapleStory Europe, the popular free-to-play online MMORPG, promises a great summer season for its 1 million+ European players with today’s patch.

Starting off with a significant update of its present game system, players can now make use of even more convenient and handy interface features, including jump-downward function, various functional upgrades and hotkey add-ons.

Today’s patch further delivers the following updates and events:

- New Maps: Aqua Dungeon & Mini Dungeons
Aqua Road gets extended by the anticipated “Aqua Dungeon" where boss monster “Pianus" makes its first appearance to the European players.
Furthermore, new mini dungeons open their portals to offer players a private hunting session of their own.
- Monster Showdown & Summer Drop Event
The 4-week Monster Showdown Event pits players against a lineup of familiar as well as rare boss monsters. Defeating them one by one will be rewarded with extra EXP and bonus points. Another 4-week Summer-Drop Event joins the traditional summer bash where monsters drop summer-exclusive items during usual quests.
- New Community Features: Guild Union and Family System
Players can now team up with up to 5 guilds to fortify their solidarity and team spirit within their Guild Union. The new Family System will assign players as “mentors?to sponsor his/her “juniors" through the game. Fostering a great family will reward the family leader in various ways and help new players with their familiarization within the game.
- Multipet System
This new system allows players to have up to 3 pets at once and to benefit from the combination of unique skills and effects of each pet.

“Today’s patch will bring MapleStory Europe to another dimension," says Sung Jin Kim, Manager at NEXON Europe. “We had promised a great summer with extensive, exciting new contents, and this is merely the beginning of our delivery. We hope that our players can enjoy the new maps and exclusive events even better with the upgraded game system and community features. We are already excited about our next big release, the “Knights of Cygnus" this very summer. “Knights of Cygnus" is a completely new concept as our players have never experienced before, and will definitely open the second chapter of MapleStory Europe."

MapleStory originally launched in South Korea in April 2003 and quickly went on to become one of the most successful online games of all time, with over 92 million registered accounts across the world. MapleStory Europe launched in May 2007 and counts more than 1 million registered players, offering gamers in Europe the chance to play MapleStory in four different languages ?English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

For further information on MapleStory Europe and to sign-up for the game, please visit

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 02/07/2009


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