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2029 Online: July Begins with a Bang as New Server Launches

2029 Online: July Begins with a Bang as New Server Launches

Just a month into the closed beta for 2029 Online (, the game has already become a hit. We’re celebrating our success by launching a new server: Gaia. To kick things off in style, there will be several in-game events and specials taking place this month. The Server Opening Event Series went live with Gaia’s debut July 2 at 4 AM EDT (GMT-4).

In Gaia, beginners will receive items such as EXP potions, teleport scrolls, corsairs, and elite classic gear pieces catered to your choice of profession. In addition, some fabulous prizes are being awarded to participants in the following events. Don’t be left out!

Event 1: Race to the Top

How fast can you level? Players will be ranked based on the levels they advance to before this event is closed. There is no limit to the number of participants; all players can sign up to take part. The one who takes the top spot on the list will be crowned champion, with awards for first through fifth place. Event ends July 13 at 1 AM EDT (GMT-4).

Prizes: first place champion receives a Backpack and Level 66 yellow armor set. Second through fifth place runners-up all receive a Level 66 yellow armor set.

Event 2: Guild Challenge

In 2029 Online, teamwork can be crucial to success. Guild leaders must work hard to build up the strength of their guild by recruiting members, fighting, and leveling up together. After three weeks, the guild with highest level will win the respect of other guilds and a cool prize. Event ends July 23 at 1 AM EDT (GMT-4).

Prizes: winning guild receives one elite purple gear piece matching the guild leader’s level and class.

Event 3: Item Mall Slashes EXP Potion Price

For a limited time, the “Super exp potion1” will sell for 40% off. To sweeten the deal, this offer is available on both servers. New items have also been added. Take your pick and have a blast, but be sure to do so before the items run out!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 08/07/2009


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