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Tales of Pirates: Class Upgrades Provide Unique Balance

Tales of Pirates: Class Upgrades Provide Unique Balance

In Tales of Pirates (, balance among the classes is the most talked-about issue in the community. The ToP dev team has taken players’ suggestions to heart and will soon roll out upgrades to some of the most-maligned classes. Their goal is to give every class unique features while providing balance in-game.

Cleric Class

Clerics will be able to not only forge spirit gems to armor and weapons, but also to inlay them into gloves and shoes. As a result, they will be able to gain a greater spirit bonus and increase their attack power accordingly. The staff clerics use will be modified into a ranged weapon. It will deal damage with the same value as a bow, but without the Miss and Critical Rate.

Voyager Class

Since a Voyager’s Conch takes the place of a necklace but has no attribute bonus, Voyagers have fewer attribute points in comparison with other classes. After the upgrade, a Conch will become an inconsumable item. It will also have a certain amount of attribute points, giving it the same function as a necklace.

Seal Master Class

Two main Seal Master skills will be improved: Shadow Insignia and Seal Elder. The Shadow Insignia torturing effect will be increased, dealing damage to the target every 2 seconds. The Seal Elder HP-draining effect will also be increased, draining HP based on damage dealt every 2 seconds. The severity of damage dealt depends upon the Seal Master’s level and spirit points, so the higher the level, the greater the damage.

Sharpshooter Class

So far the upgrade plan for Sharpshooters is still in testing, but emphasis is being placed upon on increasing bow skills and the amount of damage dealt.

With these class upgrades, players will no longer feel they must avoid certain classes to remain competitive. With improved balance and unique features, there will come more choices for all players. Whether you stick with a favorite class or try them all, Tales of Pirates will never be the same again.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/07/2009


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