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Voyage Century Online: New Version Test Server Open

Voyage Century Online: New Version Test Server Open

“The March to Glory” update for Voyage Century Online will be filled with stunning new elements, improving gameplay and service throughout the game. The test server launched on July 8. Before you jump aboard to see what’s new, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the improvements.

Marriage System

Some players enjoy interrupting romantic wedding ceremonies, becoming a terrible nuisance to others. With the arrival of “The March to Glory,” an updated wedding system will ensure a smooth transition from single life without the interference of jealous suitors or other interlopers. In addition, players can ask the choir to play different types of wedding marches.


After players have reached Level 20+, they will be able to play the mini game Quiz in the tavern. The rewards that can potentially be gained are quite awesome! Quiz will also give players a chance to flex their brain with questions on a wide range of topics, such as history, sports, daily life, geography, and science. In fact almost every subject is up for grabs. The bigger the brain, the bigger the gain!

New Pets

In addition to the pets that have already been released, there are four brand new second generation pets in the works. With names like Shadow Reaper, Hell Wolf, Ice Fairy, and Dark Urus, these pets will be all the rage at your favorite harbor. New pet traders will be popping up in Athens, Seville, Cape Town, and Zhigu to sell pet food, pet items, and skill manuals.

King of War Competition

The King of War competition is unique in that it takes the best aspects from several typical in-game events and merges them in a super competition that will pit the best players from each server against one another to see who can rightfully claim superiority among the Voyage Century Online community. Featuring an array of battlefields on both land and sea, this competition will challenge players in all aspects of combat and is definitely not for your average weekend sailor.

All these features and more await you in the test server. Will you be ready for the changes when they go live? Set a course for the test server today to find out.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 10/07/2009


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