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Voyage Century: Dare to Defeat the Legendary Hydra

Voyage Century: Dare to Defeat the Legendary Hydra

Players of Voyage Century Online can put their skills to the test in a new quest called Legendary Hydra. The monster is said to have 9 heads and a huge, highly toxic body. Everything it touches suffers from blight, as rivers are poisoned and plants wither in the blink of an eye. If you dare to challenge the deadly creature, be prepared for a fight to remember.
Some local inhabitants of the Peking Emperor Mausoleum area once saw Hydra, and being curious about the creature, ventured too close. They never returned, and the civilians around the Emperor Mausoleum have since called upon heroes to hunt the monster down. Though the quest is risky, the rewards are well worth the effort should you succeed. Players with profession level of 100+ can go to Seville and accept the Hydra quest from Docker. It is divided into several phases, passing each of which will earn substantial rewards. To meet Hydra in the final battle, players must get the passport to Peking Emperor Mausoleum.
Claiming the rewards will be no easy task, since the dragon has incredibly high defense and can use a variety of skills. It will take an impressive display of teamwork and prowess in battle to achieve victory. If you defeat the beast, the Ming Emperor will lavish upon you your final rewards, including abundant profession EXP, rare Gold, glorious titles, Hydra Heads, treasure maps, and other valuable items.
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