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2029 Online: Recruiting Reporters

2029 Online: Recruiting Reporters

As an increasing number of players spend time in the exciting world of 2029 Online (, the potential for news about players and game events also grows. The 2029 team is going to recruit players who have a nose for news to serve as reporters. These talented writers cover the breaking news stories taking place each day in this fast-growing and vibrant gaming community. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Do you have endless curiosity? Can you smell a story, find an entertaining angle, and craft a piece that will get the community talking? If you enjoy generating story ideas, interviewing the game’s movers and shakers, and shining a spotlight on noteworthy events, then you could be exactly who we’re looking for to add to our intrepid team of newshounds

A successful recruit must:

·           Love playing the game. Besides having played the game for a significant amount of time, you should show an ability to forge friendships with your fellow gamers and build a solid reputation in the game.

·           Possess solid writing skills. You must guarantee your stories are original. They must be clearly written and easy to read whether a player is new or has experienced everything the game has to offer.

·           Be a good communicator. You must be capable of interviewing the hard-core and high-end players on each server who make the news. You must be able to research and write stories about tough or potentially controversial subjects. Good reporters are good storytellers. They pay attention to details and know how to hold the reader’s interest. To be one of the best, a reporter must tell stories in ways that are both positive and meaningful to our players.

·           Be ready to find a story anywhere. To maintain your membership in the reporting team, you must have at least two stories pass verification by the 2029 team each month. To be a good reporter, you must love what you are doing and be able to follow even a small lead until it blossoms into something worthy of a headline.

·           Exhibit mental toughness, sharp observation skills and sensitivity to the concerns and interests of our players. A good reporter can empathize with the reader and learn from feedback without taking criticism the wrong way.

·           Do it by the book. Reporters must strictly follow the rules as outlined in the forum, and above all you must complete your assignments on time.

If you think you show these qualities and want to share your love of the game with your fellow players, watch the official forum at for our recruiting thread when the recruit starts, and be ready to submit an application and writing samples.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/07/2009


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