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Runes of Magic launches open beta in France and Spain

Runes of Magic launches open beta in France and Spain

Localization fully completed for release

Berlin, 28 July 2009: Frogster’s French and Spanish Runes of Magic server is open for all players as of now. With the launch of the open beta test, MMO-interested French and Spanish players can now explore the already integrated content of the online fantasy world in their own native languages.

Following the successful shutdown of the closed beta, the servers today go back up on the net for the deciding test phase. A brief registration procedure on the official Spanish ( and French ( web pages is all that is required to take part in the open beta. All adventurers who are already active in the game will keep their accounts. The download of the software is of course free of charge. Frogster will use the time leading up to the official live operation in September to optimise the localisation. A so-called ‘wipe’ – a deleting of avatars – of characters created during the open beta test will not take place.

“We are completely satisfied with the development of Runes of Magic in Spain and France,” commented Daniel Ullrich, Director of Product Management, on the closed beta’s previous performance. Above all, the key aspect of localization is progressing according to plan: “A large part of the game has already been translated for the launch of the open beta,” said Localization Manager Konstantin Drewitz: “We are optimistic that we can offer Runes of Magic as a completely localized version for the release in September.”

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 29/07/2009


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