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Begins the Beta Test of ARCHLORD: Arch Battle of the World

WEBZEN begins the Beta Test of ARCHLORD: Arch Battle of the World

- The official website of Archlord: Arch Battle of the World opens on July 30th.
- The beta test starts in August and to celebrate its opening, WEBZEN will have item giveaway events.
- WEBZEN plans host the first Castle Siege event for MU Online.

(July 30, 2009) WEBZEN Inc. (NASDAQ: WZEN), the developer of popular MMORPG MU Online has announced the beta test rollout plans for Arhlord: Arch Battle of the World. The company has been hosting MU Online and now ready to add Archlord: Arch Battle of the World, which developed by NHN Games into its service portfolio.

WEBZEN will kick-off its product launch by opening the official Archlord website via WEBZEN's games portal at on July 30th for everyone to see the game insights and to download the free game client. Following the commencement of the official website, the company will start the beta test in August, 2009.

According to the official statement, the game client has been made available to include all the latest features. The game items and character stats have been renewed. The boss monsters with various fighting patterns updated resulting the game balance being well brought out so that participants are able to have better game experience playing Archlord.

To celebrate the opening of Archlord, WEBZEN is planning on running many special events to give out free in-game items to the participants.

WEBZEN has also announced that MU Online will have a long awaited the first Castle Siege event on this month. The details of the Castle Siege schedule and entry process will be posted via Currently, MU Online is running ‘Cool Summer Event' which placing many great premium game items for sale.

"Based on a great accomplishment of MU Online services via WEBZEN, all preparations of Archlord are going smoothly. This Beta Test will be a chance to experience the whole new Archlord", said Chang Keun Kim, the chief executive officer of WEBZEN.

More details on MU Online and Archlord services are available at WEBZEN's official website,

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 30/07/2009


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