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Ys Online - New Open Beta Content

Ys Online - New Open Beta Content

    * Innovative Master and Disciple system
    * Up to 300 new items
    * Additional beginner zone
    * First large scale PvP map: The Ultimate War Sanctum

Thousands of players are currently enjoying the Ys open beta, but exciting new content is coming and they will be among the first ones to test it! The anticipated new features will be enjoyed by both veterans and new users alike and will include the following additions:

To help lower level players, Masters will now be able to recruit them as their Disciples. New players under level 20 will have a ‘Rookie’ emblem displayed next to their name to indicate that they are eligible of becoming a Disciple. Masters must be at least a level 40 and both players must be on each other’s friend list. Whilst the Disciple gains from learning the Master’s secrets, the Master will also gain from improving his experience to help him reach the challenging new level 64 cap.

New higher level zones, including the instant dungeons, are now available in game. These provide a great chance to try out the latest 300 pieces of armor parts and weapons for Grade 3 and 4, which are now available in store!

We also have a new and novel beginner level zone: Kepin! This zone will teach you the basics of the quest system and give you a chance to practice your skills. It also gives you the chance to earn some attractive rewards such as your own Mini Pickard Pet!

The first maps for the large scale PvP content: The Ultimate War Sanctum will also be launched. The War Sanctum will happen as scheduled events so be sure to talk to the various NPCs across the villages who will keep you updated.

The Goddess Statue is coming! Donate to her and you will receive fairy dust in which you can use to buy buffs. The more players donate the more The Goddess will increase in level, get her up to level 4 and you will receive free XP buffs! Be careful though, as she will not remain at level 4 for long if everyone stops donating.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 03/08/2009


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