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Galaxy Online: 3D Projector Support, New Audio in Development

Galaxy Online: 3D Projector Support, New Audio in Development

When it comes to graphics and audio in Galaxy Online (, good just isn’t good enough. The development team has been working hard to improve the graphical and audio effects in the game. In fact, players can look forward to new background music and 3D projector support in the future.

Recently, the Galaxy Online dev team has been running demonstrations featuring more diverse audio effects, including new background music. Soon players will be able to evaluate them and offer feedback on what they’d like to hear in the game. The team will take players’ suggestions into account when deciding on the final audio improvements.

The big news from the graphics side of the development team is that they’re now working with ViewSonic’s latest PJD-series video projectors to improve Galaxy Online’s graphics. If the idea of immersing yourself in an all-out space battle with an affordable hi-res projector sounds intense, wait until you see it with your own 3D-spectacled eyes. When these astonishing new graphics and kicking new sounds finally go live, Galaxy Online will take you out of your chair and into a universe of fun.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 04/08/2009


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