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Karos Online : NHN launches official European website

Karos Online : NHN launches official European website, closed beta signup.

And more details revealed about dynamic dungeons.

Seoul, Korea –Thursday, 06th August, 2009 – NHN announced today the launch of the official European website for Karos Online, its first free-to-play MMORPG to be published in Europe. At, players can now register and sign up for the closed beta test, which will be starting later this month. Discussion forums have also been opened to allow the community to chat about Karos Online, and additional information about the game will be posted there to help fans prepare for the closed beta. An English release is scheduled for early autumn 2009, with German and Turkish versions to follow.

NHN has also revealed details about the game's dynamic dungeon system, which will be playable in closed beta. In addition to traditional MMORPG dungeons full of monsters and epic loot, two types of original dungeons will be available in Karos Online:

    * Event dungeons, instanced for parties of up to five players, will offer adventures marked by spectacular happenings: as a party progresses into the dungeon, the environment will evolve in response to their actions, with bridges collapsing, ceilings crashing to the ground and passages appearing to reveal the path ahead.
    * Maze dungeons, integrated in the open world with no party size limit, will surprise and bewilder players with walls that move and shift constantly to affect the party's path, offering a dynamic, action-packed game experience.

Dungeons are arranged in progressively difficult stages, with the later levels - including battles against fearsome boss monsters - accessible only to those who have proven themselves worthy. Each victory in the dungeons will grant the player a ticket, which can be used to advance to harder challenges.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 06/08/2009


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