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ANKAMA and DOFUS to entertain Cologne Gamescom!

ANKAMA and DOFUS to entertain Cologne Gamescom!

Roubaix, France - August 6th 2009 - From August 19th to 23rd in Gamescom Cologne, ANKAMA has planned to fulfill expectations with an entire host of events including games playable demos, giveaways, and a press conference which will be held on August, 19 at 6PM.

In order to introduce its new products to DOFUS fans as well as newcomers, and to strengthen its place within the games industry, ANKAMA is proud to announce:

- DOFUS 2.0, DOFUS’ brand new version with entirely redrawn graphics and animations, playable demo on 64 computers in a 200 sqm booth (B40/Hall6)! DOFUS 2.0 exclusive closed Beta access will also be given to visitors.
- Events on our dedicated stage with opportunities to win ANKAMA merchandise such as cuddy toys, T-shirts, posters, Mangas, artbooks and a lot more!
- Live DOFUS game show by our animation team and a member of DOFUS development team.
- Some episodes of Wakfu TV series in English as well as ANKAMA’s trailers will also be displayed on our stage wide screen.

Everyone who comes dressed as a DOFUS or Wakfu character will receive a special gift!

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 06/08/2009


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