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Flyff V14, The Lost Continent

Flyff V14, The Lost Continent, to Begin OBT on Tuesday Oct. 13th

Sunnyvale, CA—October 8th, 2009 Gala-Net, Inc. is pleased to announce Open Beta Testing for Flyff V14’s, The Lost Continent, on October 13th.

The Lost Continent expands the in-game content and landscape of Flyff beyond imagination. As the title indicates, V14’s most prominent feature is Shaduwar, a lost continent to the north recently re-discovered by fearless explorers. Shaduwar’s swampy, jungle-filled terrain is infested with vicious inhabitants and hidden dangers. Players will discover new quests and two new instance dungeons where every party faces an entire dungeon filled with unique creatures and treasure on its own. Beware, there’s a new Vampire boss lurking in these dungeons and he’s out for blood. High stakes battles will yield handsome rewards for the successful. Players will find the brand new high level weapon drops to be quite worth the perils that await them.

V14 introduces a new flying system—Wings! For the first time in FlyFF, players will be able to fly around the world with their own personal wings of various shapes, sizes, colors, and speeds.

In addition to the brand new content, players will discover that upgrading has become easier than ever thanks to an increased success rate and a new upgrading tool. These are just some of the new features players can look forward to discovering in V14.

Flyff V14, The Lost Continent will launch this fall on November 11th, 2009. Visit for additional information.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/10/2009


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