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Singapore and Malaysia Prepare for Hello Kitty's 35th birthday

Singapore, 15th Oct 2009 – Oriented Games, an online game publishing unit of ACE Market listed Oriented Media Group Berhad, today announced the commercial launch of Sanrio Digital’s Hello Kitty® Online in Singapore and Malaysia. Hello Kitty Online is the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of the popular Sanrio franchise, available to users in Singapore and Malaysia from the portal as well as major games retail outlets.

November 1, 2009 will mark Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday, and the occasion will be celebrated in style in the virtual world of Hello Kitty Online. Several new quests and special events will be rolled out to commemorate the birthday of the world-famous cat.

Hello Kitty Online combines the massive popularity of online role-playing games with social networking, transporting players to the adorable virtual world of Hello Kitty and other popular Sanrio characters like Badtz-Maru, Dear Daniel, MyMelody and more. Hello Kitty Online’s combination of social tools, gaming, problem solving, and exploration will stimulate the development of a vibrant online community.

Earlier this year, the Founders’ Beta and Commercial Preview trial runs of Hello Kitty Online for Singapore and Malaysia received overwhelming responses from the gaming community and Hello Kitty fans.

Hello Kitty Online is free-to-play, supported by an Item Mall based on micro-transactions that allows players to enhance their experience using loyalty points as well as cash points. Items available for purchase in the Item Mall include character clothing and equipment, unique pets, houses, farms, customization options, and more. Cash points can be purchased online or redeemed with prepaid game cards available at various retail outlets. Loyalty points are earned simply by using the various free services at the integrated Hello Kitty Online community site,

The commercial launch of Hello Kitty Online introduces two new zones: Beijing and Paris have been added to the existing world map that also includes Sanrio Harbour, Florapolis, and London, with additional zones to be added in future free content updates.

To promote the commercial launch of Hello Kitty Online, a series of events have been planned for both Singapore and Malaysia, with free in-game items and door-gifts to be distributed at these events in preparation for Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday celebrations. Gamers and fans are encouraged to register on to be informed of such events.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 15/10/2009


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