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Pumpkin Festival starts in Taborea

Pumpkin Festival starts in Taborea

Players to celebrate Halloween in Runes of Magic

Berlin, 22 October 2009: On Halloween a tasty in-game pumpkin-based event will launch in Runes of Magic. On 27th October, every player of the online role play game will be able to experience the Taborean Pumpkin Festival.

The high point of the Halloween festival will be the event zone at the Oblivion Shrine. This is where there will be an exciting challenge to master: Players will meet up with some wild Pumpkin Monsters along with some crazy Demon Pumpkins as well. Only those who are able to skilfully use the captured seeds to defend themselves against the superiority of the Halloween fruit will be credited with points.

At the end of each round, on the basis of their points, all participating players will be awarded the so-called Mad Fire. Adventurers can then exchange this Halloween currency for gifts within the context of the event. The Mad Fire can be cashed in for parts of a special Pumpkin Festival set, from transformation drinks to small companions. Anyone who is especially successful at bagging the Mad Fire will also receive up to two rare titles. ‘Let's Rock! Kaz!” and ‘Kaz Madness’ can be earned exclusively during the Pumpkin Festival. The event will run until 10th November.

The official Runes of Magic website has additional information available:

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