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The official European Allods Online website and forums live

The official European Allods Online website and forums are live

Beta Keys now being distributed through official Facebook and Twitter pages

DUBLIN, Ireland – November 3rd 2009 – Allods Online, the “AAA” subscriptionless fantasy and space opera MMORPG of the portal will soon enter Closed Beta-Testing phase throughout Europe. In preparation to this first encounter of European players with the game, gPotato Europe is proud to announce that the official website and forums are now live through .

On the brand new official website, players can now discover in-depth information on the game’s lore, the history of Sarnaut, the Astral, classes and races. Community Managers are eagerly waiting to meet players through the newly launched forums at User access to the various sections of the Allods Online forums will evolve over time and selected beta-testers will first be able to take part in discussions while all users will have access from the Open Beta period.

Fans of the game have already gained a number of beta keys through contests on the major social networks. These events will go on during the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us :

Twitter at
Facebook at
YouTube at

To gain access to the closed-beta test of the game, you also register at or enter Beta Key competitions running on partner sites over the coming weeks.

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