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X-Blaster november news

XBlaster will be the Bigpoint's focus of the month November with *new updates, new features, integration of new low-costs items, re-activitation of old users by gameplay and balancing changes, new visuals*, etc. They already experienced great new results through a higher ARPU for instance.

X-Blaster has been adjusted according to Bigpoint standards, it has been further developed, and it’s monetizing much better now and will be updated regularly. A new world, named Venus, with new features was launched last week. Here you have got an example of some new features:

· Four Mechs per map, for more action and fun!

· Your enemies always ran from you? Not anymore!

· Improved balancing which guarantees the same chances for everyone!

· The starter bonus for new accounts has been increased from 550 real and 2000 virtual currency to 800 real and 8000 virtual currency (proportionally = DarkOrbit). This will slightly delay the payment enforcement and drive users into the game faster; they will meet the game world and their success without having to pay immediately. That means more registered users will convert to active and will further pay.

· The game has more action now; the monition will be consumed more intensively.

· At the end of November we will set up next update. New item will go live – Booster (like in DarkOrbit – more defence for the user, more damage for rivals…)


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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/11/2009


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