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Crimecraft's new app for Iphone and facebook

Adding an addictive social component to the growing Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) experience of Crimecraft, Vogster Entertainment, LLC, an international innovator in video game design and content, today announced the launch of CrimeCraft: Kingpin for iPhone and Facebook.
CrimeCraft: Kingpin is a free-to-play, socially networked game available now for iPhone and Facebook, which expands the boundaries of CrimeCraft’s Sunrise City through intense, non-stop gang warfare.  The new game ties the entire CrimeCraft universe together as CrimeCraft: Kingpin allows players to unlock achievements which grant special items in CrimeCraft for the PC.
“CrimeCraft: Kingpin is a great game on its own, but what really makes it special is its seamless integration with its PC counterpart and how it enhances both games,” said Casey Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Vogster.  “Our fans have been asking for a way to continue the CrimeCraft experience while away from their desktops, and CrimeCraft: Kingpin gives them just that.”
Just like in the original CrimeCraft, Kingpin is all about building a gang, earning a reputation and killing the competition.  To expand their empire, players fight their way across Sunrise City, recruiting new gang members, taking over territory and targeting rivals through grudge matches to expand their empire.  By completing missions and taking out threats, players gain experience and reputation on their way to becoming the ‘Kingpin’ of Sunrise City.
CrimeCraft: Kingpin is available now on the iPhone App Store and Facebook. Visit the official website of Crimecraft for more details.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 10/12/2009


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