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New version of Aurora Blade

Over the past year, many players have enjoyed Aurora Blade, IGG’s first browser-based 2D RPG. This simple, yet exciting game features immersive storylines for players of all ages and skill levels. To celebrate the Christmas season and show their appreciation for the continued support of the game’s devoted players, the Aurora Blade team will be releasing a brand new version soon. With tons of new content, including new scenes, exciting instances and unique systems, players will have a lot to be merry about.

New Instances
The Aurora Blade team has designed 3 brand new instances to give players more challenges at different levels. Abyssal Worm Den, a level 40 instance featuring a complicated map and legions of high-level monsters, is designed to help players to level up faster. Players can easily obtain massive amounts of EXP from the instance’s monsters. In the Subsea Palace, a level 45 instance, players can earn plenty of rare equipment and materials. For those who like to take on fierce BOSSes and enjoy exciting combat, the Death Tomb can’t be missed. This level 55 instance offers players the chance to show off their abilities. If they can defeat the most powerful BOSS , they will obtain some truly awesome rewards.

aurora1 aurora2

New Enemy System
The new version will also add a unique “Enemy” system to PvP. Before, players often felt they could not take revenge for PvP defeats because they wanted to avoid increasing their Violence level. Under the new system, if a player is killed by another player, then the killer becomes the victim’s enemy. Killing an enemy player will not increase a player’s Violence level. But enemies killed by corresponding victims will lose some items and EXP according to their Violence level.

Game Adjustments
Once the new game version goes live, players will be able to directly view other players’ character information and equipped gear by clicking a character’s name in the chat window. Players will also be able to click a BOSS name to see the equipment it will drop when it dies. In addition, the “Block” function will be moved to the “Friends” function choices, making it more convenient for players to use the “Friends,” “Enemies” and “Block” options in the same interface.

Aurora Blade is a IGG's 2D Fantasy browser-based MMORPG with fast paced action time battles. Check here the official website of Aurora Blade.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 18/12/2009


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