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Nida Online's update announced this year’s last update to be launched on December 21st for its hybrid action MMORPG, NIDA online , which has continued to improve through multiple updates. NIDA Online whose open beta is being serviced at has expanded its navigation and control system enabling characters to move in eight directions via the WASD keys. Developers considered that users would find the previous movement inconvenient and rewrote the navigation related game code from scratch as if it were a new game. Though it was an immense task, the game developers will be satisfied if users find the game user-friendlier, said Joey, GM of NIDA Online.

“Moving characters using the WASD keys is the system which many users have desired. I believe many users will now enjoy the game easier and have more fun through this update,” said Joey, “I hope users have a joyful Christmas with NIDA.”

The update includes an automatic buff system for beginners at the hunting field. Beginners will now randomly receive the “Hand of Deliverance” skill which boosts striking power and defensive power by ten per cent while hunting. Characters at up to Level 80 will be able to hunt more monsters easily and quickly, achieving uber-quick level-ups. The game’s graphic has also improved with visual updates of beginner characters. The addition of a quest alarm window and more diverse game options will make the game even more complete.   

Check the official website of Nida Online.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 21/12/2009


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