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Heroes of Gaia's Babel expansion

The BABEL expansion is huge step forward for HEROES OF GAIA™ since its launch in late October." said Scott Miller, General Manager of Snail Games USA. "BABEL will unveil a number of upgrades to HEROES OF GAIA™, as well as introducing innovative features to expand PvP and PvE interactions.  BABEL owes a huge debt to our 600k+ player community, as their ideas and suggestions were instrumental in our development process."

Key Features:

- The Tower of Babel, a challenging multi-level experience with progressive rewards
- Instanced Minion and Boss Monster fights
- New PvP Features, including the ability to establish a Military Embargo on enemy castles
- Significant Upgrades of the Arena Combat system, with exclusive titles and magical items
- New Spells and Buildings for all races
- New Scrolls, introducing the Elemental and Summoning schools
- Additional Quests/Tasks to expand daily interactions, including repeatable daily tasks
- Unit healing times reduced drastically, world map travel speed increased, and more!

Visit the official website of Heroes of Gaia.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 22/12/2009


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