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Valkyrie Sky: news from the ongoing open beta

A game combining the all-time-favorite arcade genre, shoot’em up and MMO is a recent hot topic among gamers. The game is Valkyrie Sky whose open beta service was released last December 28th at global game portal GameKiss. 

Despite a flood of different game genres, gamers choose the shoot’em up genre likely because of its tension and sense of accomplishment when successfully dodging a storm of bullets. 

<All time favorite shoot’em up genre. There have been continuous developments within the genre>


In the early days users could initially move characters—usually an aircraft-- only left and right, and later to four directions. However the users’ freedom was still limited as they could only choose one character from a set. Valkyrie Sky, therefore, is a revolutionary shoot’em up MMO in which users can develop their own characters and change character’s abilities when they face high-level stages. 

Not only does Valkyrie Sky develop fun elements that require immediate reaction and high control ability, it also adds RPG elements for 2010. For example, instead of monotonous hunting on the field like in ordinary RPG games, Valkyrie Sky has excitingly tense shooting game stages. In order to avoid turning into a repeatable arcade game, the game includes an RPG’s character growth, fishing, cooking, and playing instruments. It furthermore adds a life system and community elements with a high degree of freedom. The mix of two different genres could have been bizarre, but resulted in a perfect combination in Valkyrie Sky. Even the Norse North Mythology naturally integrates into the shooting and RPG genres.

<By boosting the status and adding items, users can strengthen characters>

Because of the combination of two opposing genres’, gamers have been half curious, half worried. But the results of the OBT exceed the expectations. The number of users logging in simultaneously is increasing everyday as new gamers join not only from the U.S. and Canada but also from European countries including Poland, Germany and France.

All you need to know to play Valkyrie Sky is here. Also, you can check the official website of Gamekiss' Valkyrie Sky.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 07/01/2010


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