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Lords Online's closed beta

IGG's latest browser-based game, Lords Online, is kicking off the New Year with its Closed Beta Test on Jan 7th. All those who take part in the CB tests will have the chance to win an Apple Tablet (the brand new product from the Apple Company) and become one of the first few to own that gadget of the future!

At 8:00pm EST (GMT-5) on Jan 7th 2010, IGG will be opening the Lords Online Closed Beta. All characters created during Closed Beta test will be saved for future use. Interested players can claim  their CB key through the official site and many other popular media sites. Activate the CB key and enter the game to be awarded with a Newbie Pack (valued at $50) and you’ll also be in with a chance to obtain an Apple Tablet.

Every time you reach the 3-level upgrade of the Town Hall in your capital castle you will win a free spin of the wheel to win amazing prizes. The higher level of the Town Hall, the more free spins you get. From Jan 7th, the start of CB test, to Jan 23rd, the Lords Online team will select 20 lucky players everyday to win Point cards, Resource Packs and many more wicked cool rewards. Furthermore, on Jan 24th the luckiest player from among all of those lucky players will win the awesome Apple Tablet! The winner will receive the Apple Tablet at the earliest date after its release in March!

 Also, you can check here the official Lords Online's forum here to get more details.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 07/01/2010


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