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GodsWar Online: new maps

GodsWar Online will soon be releasing three new territories- Parnitha Port, Nemean Forest and Thermopylae. A lot of brand new quests, monsters and abominable bosses will also be added. Read the below article to get more ideas!

Parnitha Port
Accessible via Parnitha. The Port at Parnitha was so important to Athens's economy that it drew envious eyes from the Spartans - not your typical astute businessmen to be sure. Playing more to their strengths, the Spartans did more than cast envious glares, they enlisted the aid of a corrupt priest to unleash a torrent of evil demons and spirits at the port. Not to be outdone, the Persians also got in on the fun by tasking dozens of scouts and spies to sabotage it. Athenian warriors, take up arms and defend this port at all costs! The map is for PvE, and is suitable for Level 80-110 players from the Athenian faction.

Nemean Forest
Accessible via Nemea. The forest used to be a trading hub of the league led by Sparta. But since then legions of monsters have taken up residence in the forest, making it frighteningly dangerous for anyone that doesn't have horns, scales, or breathes fire. A Persian contingent was also sent to the area to try and take advantage of the situation, so take care when venturing into the dense underbrush. Spartan warriors, take up arms and defend this magical forest from the evil invaders! The Nemean Forest is for PvE, and is suitable for Level 80-110 players from the Spartan faction.

Accessible via the Parnitha Port or the Nemean Forest. Historically, it was the site of the legendary Spartan last stand against the all-out onslaught of a determined Persian army bent on conquering Greece. Thermopylae also bore witness to a short lived alliance between Sparta and Athens in the face of a common and unrelenting threat, yet animosity between the two proud city-states never completely faded. The narrow territory is a haven for the most blood thirsty Level 110-120 players.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 13/01/2010


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