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FreeStyle Basketball's new char

Global online game portal announced this year’s first update for its FreeStyle Street Basketball game. This update will introduce a new character in the Forward position, Micha, and 25 more costume items. Now that Micha joins FSSB, there are five special characters, Alice (Guard), Oul (Center), Francis (Forward), Sacci (Guard) and Micha (Forward).

Micha is Sacci’s best childhood friend and is part of the same team called Yokohama Chocoships. She is a high-school girl character whose strengths include jump, rebound, dunk shots and lay-ups. She is a positive, laid-back girl who appears to be far from sports which demands competitive spirit. But RomaN, Chief GM from GameKiss, believes gamers will enjoy the game even more with this whimsy character.

“For this New Year’s first update, we introduce Micha who is particularly strong in jumping and shooting. There will be also an event that awards an extra 10,000 points to the users who buy a Micha character between January 13th and 19th” said RomaN.

Read here all you need to know to play FreeStyle Basketball. Visit the official website of FreeStyle Basketball.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 13/01/2010


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