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FreeSky Online: new server

The Gauntlet, IGG’s brand new Freesky Online server, will soon be up with tons of new content at the end of the month. The Gauntlet will offer FO players a much fairer battlefield to explore and challenge them while narrowing the gap between advanced players and those lagging behind.

The newly updated world of The Gauntlet is filled with magic and excitement. Players who never purchase items in the Item Mall will find it easier to compete than previously. The number of advanced items sold in the Item Mall will be extremely limited, so the gap between the most powerful and weakest players won’t be as wide. To survive in PVP, players will need to rely on ability and teamwork more than ever. With more competitive PVP, more players can enjoy that side of the game, even if they never thought they could keep up in the past.

The Gauntlet retains the classical gameplay features of other servers, but also adds a brand new operation model to the game that helps weaker players advance. On the new server, the number of times Treasure Boxes open for free has been increased, and the limited number of items sold in the Item Mall will cost much less than the ones on other servers. In addition, players can choose from 2 stunning architecture types. These changes enable FO players to pay less while leveling rapidly, making The Gauntlet a more balanced battlefield that will attract non-consumer players who want to join in the fun.

Read here all you need to know about FreeSky. Visit the official website of FreeSky.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 25/01/2010


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