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Canaan Online: Beta phase

Gala Networks Europe, is glad to announce the Beta Testing for Canaan Online. The free flash-based browser MMORPG, is now available for testing in English, French and German.  Developed by XPEC Entertainment, this manga-style game offers an in-depth pet system and detailed social and chat features. It utilizes the latest flash technology to deliver a cute, rich and unique gaming experience to MMORPG and online games fans across Europe.
Players joining Canaan Online will enter a vast, varied and vibrant world through their Mac and PC internet browsers. After choosing their favorite class – Warrior, Mage, Ranger or Priest – players can begin their adventure, with over a thousand quests.
Catering for online games and casual MMORPG players, Canaan Online features dozens of rare pets which can be captured and then trained, before being traded. It also features a well developed chat and crafting system, allowing players to make new friends, join guilds, and run their own item shops trading items and their pets with other players. For convenience, it also gives players the choice of automatic combat mode as well as the ability to take full control of the action.  Beta Testers will receive a special in-game item later as a gift for their participation.

Read here all you need to know about Canaan Online. Visit the official website of Canaan Online.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 28/01/2010


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