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Eudemons: Flying mounts

NetDragon, makers of premium quality free2play MMO's, are proud to announce that Eudemons Online's first flying mounts; Blazing Wing & Glacial Wing, will finally be arriving in-game on February 1st!

Flying Mount - Blazing Wing


Scarlet body, tough wings, and sharp claws make the Blazing Wing a valiant and vigorous animal who will tear everything that stands in its way. They have existed since ancient times and truly embody their name, "Sun Chariot".

Flying Mount - Glacial Wing


Glacial Wing is the legendary ancient beast with hard eyes, cool head and a pair of blade wings. Even the air coagulates to icy crystal as it crosses the sky, leaving the shadow of his blue body reflecting at the end of the horizon.

These flying mounts make walking around the outland of Eudemons Online a lot easier. Their flight speed is 1.7 times that of the player's normal walking speed! Similar to the ground mounts, they have an evolving process, during which their appearances will gradually change and become more mature. (As the above images show) However, players have to keep it in mind that these flying mounts will not be ready to set off on their journey up into the sky until they are fully matured at 50-Stars.


When these cool mounts reach 10 stars, Mages, Warriors and Paladins can ride them to travel into the battlefields. 25 stars are required for mounting in the cities and 35 stars in the market. If a mount is ranked as top 1 (any attribute), only 10 stars are required for mounting it in the market and cities.

There will be an event to celebrate the arrival of the flying mmounts! EO's First Flying Mount Tournament kicks off on Feb.1st, with Blazing Wing and Glacial Wing being the contestants. Players who own the celestial mounts are welcome to attend this fabulous composing contest! After the event, the top 20 mounts in the ranking (all servers) will be awarded the grand prizes of EPs & PPs!

Read here all you need to know about Eudemons. Visit the official website of Eudemons.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 28/01/2010


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