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Play Shaiya
What faction do you will choose in Shaiya? Alliance of Light or Union of Fury? Take your decission and fight for one of the goddess in the different difficult modes but be careful, because your character can die forever.


Eudemons: next update

It’s been couple of months since the successful release of Eudemons Online’s epic expansion, Demon Rising. Soon, it will have another batch of major content updates in March.


Scorpio Eudemons: The new Astral Eudemon stars will be coming on Mar.5th


Eidolon O: With its holy and pure soul, it can be used as the minor eudemon in the composition of Divine Eudemons. Coming soon!


Sagittarius Eudemon: Coming soon, at the end of March!



New Players - Daily Double-Exp Quests
Leveling fast is not a dream!

Veterans – Demon Hell
Prepare yourself for the new episode of Demon Rising! Join the battle with the evil demons! Legends will arise!

Divine Player – Godship Switch
Not happy with your Godship? Then switch!


Faster and stronger, it will fully unleash your Divine Eudemons’ power by composing Eidolon O as the minor Eudemon.


Spring Gift Giveaway Event (Mar.6th – Mar.20th)
All the players at level 50 or above will receive a gift pack the first time they login during the event. Each account can only claim the prizes once. The pack will be given to the main character, so don’t forget to check the rewards and set your main character carefully before the event starts.

14-Day Free Trail of VIP Services
Everyone will be granted a 2 week free trail of VIP level 1 services during the event.

Demon Rising Screenshot & Video Promotion Event
Promote EO screenshots and videos to win free lottery tickets! 100% rate!

Read here all you need to know about Eudemons. And visit its official website.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 26/02/2010


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