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Canaan Online reveals its first free expansion

gPotato has announced the launch of “Journey to Elven Land”, the first expansion to their manga MMO Canaan Online. The expansion raises the level cap to 80, unlocks three new zones (with associated instances) and introduces the ability to dismantle equipment, train pets and take part in PvP.

The new pet "breeding" system allows players of Canaan Online to combine pets to generate increasingly powerful sidekicks. Meanwhile, dismantling allows you to take apart unwanted gear to provide raw materials and generate new items.

The new Fellias map allows access to the Golden Lake instance, whilst the Kartal Peninsula contains the Tranquil Valley instance. Moreover, two new instances have appeared - the Meditation Battlefield and the Red Lake Battlefield - to provide high-level, high reward battles in older zones. These areas contain several bosses and are designed as a challenge to more seasoned groups of heroes. Finally, players will be able to continue their adventures in Elven Land itself and discover the strange treasures that this secretive race is hiding.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 08/04/2010


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