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Lords Online is introducing a new title system

IGG is introducing a new Title System to its SLG fantasy game, Lords Online. Players can earn perks through Rank and Title quests as the system recognizes players’ achievements by granting useful in-game bonuses. Players benefit from construction and troop building bonuses as the advance to more prestigious Titles. The better the Title, the more gold players will receive through the daily raffle and the higher their production bonus.

By fighting on the battlefield handling government affairs in the city, players can gain Civilization points and Gold. When they obtain a certain amount of Civilization points and Gold, they will advance to a new Rank. Improving their Rank also allows players to activate Title quests. Specific Ranks can increase the castle cap, which determines the number of castles a player can control. After obtaining a new Rank, players can accept the relevant Title quests from the Leveling Quest page. To complete a Title quest, a player must accumulate reputation and donate some Gold. Finishing Title quests will upgrade a player’s Title to a higher class. Keep in mind that players must upgrade their Title to increase their resource production, chance of reviving the wounded, troops’ attack power, and other castle bonuses.

Check out below to see some of the cool Ranks and Titles available with the new system.

Check here all you need to know about Lords Online. And visit its official website.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 12/05/2010


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