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Need for Speed World preorders details

For $19.99, there are diffirent preorder options. In common, all digital stores offer access to the remaining events in the game's beta (for those 18 or older), a 72 hour headstart when the game goes live. Particulary, the different digital stores add an exclusive Need for Speed World edition car. Impulse offers aMazda 3. EA Store offers a Toyota Corolla AE86. Gamestop offers a Volkswagen Scirocco. And Direct2Drive offers a Nissan Silvia S15.

- Access to Need for Speed World Beta Events
Pre-order and receive guaranteed access to all remaining Need for Speed World beta events. (Must be 18+; Dates are subject to change)
   • June 2 –June 13.
   • June 25 –June 27.

- Access to Head Start Event
Get a 7 day head start to the live game before the game releases. (Dates are subject to change)
   • July 13 –July 19
   • Pre-order only event: Increased Rep (XP) gain for the duration of Head Start Event.
   • Pre-selection: Reserve your driver names in advance of the game going live.
   • VIP Status: Displayed in driver profile.

- Includes
   • Code for beta access.
   • Need for Speed World beta via downloadable client.

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By: MMOGInfo Publish date: 27/05/2010


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