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New teaser and community sites for World of Tanks has announced World of Tanks official teaser and community sites.
Gamers can now visit the official website to explore a wide variety of exclusive content including screenshots, artworks, trailers, fansite kits and tons of other game related materials as well as get access to “Tankopedia” – the ultimate resource for in-depth information on the models of fighting vehicles presented in the game.
The new community site will house the official game forums where World of Tanks fans will be able to address their questions to® team, take part in contests and competitions and stay updated on all game news and community activities. The site will also become the main source of insider information unveiling the details of development process in blogs and diaries.
“The launch of the community and teaser sites reflects an important milestone in the development of World of Tanks”, says Nick Katselapov, producer of the game. “We’ve been working hard on putting all t! he information and game assets together and hope these two sites will become a good platform for the upcoming closed beta test. We are going to deepen the team’s cooperation! with our growing community as we are looking forward to receiving direct feedback from our fans.”

Check here all you need to know about World of Tanks. And visit its official website.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 01/07/2010


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