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Wargaming announces Closed Beta Test for World of Tanks has announced that the closed beta test for World of Tanks is due to begin on July 8, 2010 with the registration for it starting today.
Over the next few months World of Tanks players worldwide will get access to more than 70 authentic military vehicles representing German and Soviet sides with a chance to unlock and explore their full upgrade and level-up potential in tense PvP battles. 7 unique maps featuring various types of terrain designed to provide the ultimate action-packed experience will serve as proving grounds for the beta test.® is inviting keen history enthusiasts and all fans of online multiplayer games to sign up and participate in World of Tanks closed beta stressing the importance of their feedback for further polishing and tuning the game.
“We are extremely happy to give the green light to World of Tanks closed beta, “says Nick Katselapov, producer of the game. “After three and a half years of hard work the development team is eager to listen to the opinion of our players as we hope to gather a lot of valuable information. In the course of the beta test we will keep on adding new content by introducing new maps, modes and features and expanding the fleet of vehicles”.

Check here all you need to know about World of Tanks. And visit its official website.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 02/07/2010


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