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Start of the Open Beta for Land of Chaos Online

Burda:ic today announced the start of the Open Beta Test for RTS Action MMO LOCO: Land of Chaos Online. The OBT will provide players around the world with the chance to experience some virtual mayhem as Burda:ic prepares for the game’s official launch.

“It’s time to see which side will reign supreme as we welcome any and all RTS, third-person shooter, and MMO enthusiasts to LOCO,” said Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of Burda:ic. “We eagerly await the community’s insight as they battle mercilessly to decide the fate of the Land of Chaos.”

For the first time ever, players can build a powerful team from LOCO’s full roster of 30 heroes, each one a master of unique and varied abilities, and fight for total control of the battlefield on behalf of either the Army of Hell or the Forces of Nature. Players start out with three hero cards for free, and everyone participating in the OBT gets access to an additional three cards for a limited period of 30 days.

Visit its official website.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 04/08/2010


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