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Assassin class of Forsaken World

Today, on its official blog, Perfect World is spotlighting the Assassin class of Forsaken World, which is only playable by the Human and Kindred races. "By the time you see one, it’s already too late".

Assassins have multiple abilities available to them that give them the ability to dictate the flow of a battle. Whether it’s initiating combat with an unsuspecting enemy, or delivering a critical strike at just the right moment, the Assassin can appear and disappear from the battlefield at a moments’ notice.

Assassin abilities range from powerful direct damage attacks, to the ability to close the gap on a fleeing opponent. They can also build up additional combat abilities by gaining charges off of specific skills. These built up charges contribute to further damage dealing abilities. Long story short, an Assassin can quickly go from a surprise threat to a deadly encounter! H

ere is a quick look at some of the abilities of an Assassin:

Swift Evasion. Briefly increase runspeed.

Lightbending Reflexes. While under the effects of Swift Evasion, if five attacks are dodged in quick succession, a stealth state will be entered that is not removed even while attacking.

Snakeskin. When under the effect of a movement slowing effect, slow a target by the same amount with a chance to remove the impairing effect from yourself.

Steel Splinters. Target enemy takes damage each time they attack. Target will also take additional damage upon removal of this effect.

Check here all you need to know about Forsaken World. And visit its official website.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 23/09/2010


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