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Canaan Online opens a new dungeon today

gPotato Europe has announced that Canaan Online will see the launch of a new and fiercely challenging dungeon, Chamber of Judgement, today. This all-new content will bring together old, familiar bosses along with challenges players will not have encountered before. Not only that, but players will notice various changes in Canaan Online.  Since launch, the game has expanded greatly, including several new  zones and many new and rewarding quests, novel features for guilds and  of course, a marriage system.

Chamber of Judgement is an ‘epic instance’, which means that it not only has challenging bosses for the player to fight, but lots of them. There are 36 bosses in total, waiting for any players brave enough to confront such a large volume of arduous fights that will test players to the limit. Only players above level 40 will have access to the Chamber of Judgement, and will face the terrifying power of monsters such as the Great Shaman King, Ancient Giants and more, all ranging from level 43 to 100.The bosses in the Chamber of Judgement will not drop loot directly, but will drop two special coins that players can use to exchange for all kinds of special equipment and items. The rewards are endless.

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 21/10/2010


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