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ShoeDazzle Teams with Onverse for Virtual Product Placement and, the personalized online styling society, have partnered to provide ShoeDazzle a virtual product presence inside the Onverse virtual world. The first rollout of virtual products, released today, includes a series of popular shoes in ShoeDazzle's fall fashion selections, with more releases of new product lines planned for the coming months. Onverse is giving the virtual shoes away free to its customers, as well as adding in-game advertising for ShoeDazzle.

"Virtual worlds are changing the way advertising and product placements are viewed in games," said Steve Pierce, founder and CEO of Onverse. "In traditional games it is hard to place products and ads without causing a distraction from the game experience, but in a social world like Onverse it doesn't just fit the theme, it enhances the experience."

ShoeDazzle is a monthly styling service at a cost of only $39.95 per month. Every month members receive an online showroom featuring a personalized selection of shoes, handbags, and accessories, from which they can choose to purchase
. The styles are selected by their fashion experts, based on a style survey members fill out during registration. There is no obligation to purchase once registered and members can choose to skip a month at anytime if they so desire.

"We're very excited to see this promotion unfold over the coming months," said Chris Nella, Director of Marketing, ShoeDazzle." ShoeDazzle is always looking for new ways to make our shopping experience more entertaining. It's a great way to showcase the personalized experience of shopping at ShoeDazzle by making it even more fun and diverse.”

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By: MMOGinfo Publish date: 25/10/2010


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